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Surprising Things Your Home Insurance Covers

Buying a home is a big step in every one’s life. The decision is something which is going to stay with you all through your life. Buying a house involves many crucial decisions about funding and maintenance. There are many sites like that give you brief information about the terms on which you get loans and what all you should keep in mind while applying for home loans.

Once you have bought the house, you enter the perpetual phase of maintaining the house, catering to the repairs and fixtures in your house. To help you through unforeseen circumstances, there are home insurances that you might want to opt for.

The insurances cover many damages that your house is prone to. Just like life covers, home insurances premiums need to be paid regularly. There are many agencies which help you pay your premiums on time by lending you same day funding.

Many of us buy home insurances but are unaware of what are all the things covered under the insurance we have paid for. In case of an emergency, we either ring up our insurance agents at unholy hours to ask if the damage is covered under the insurance and mostly end up getting confused, or go through the documents ourselves and end up getting confused and miss out on the amount we are actually entitled to.

Here's a list of everything that is covered under your home insurance covers that you might not be aware of.

  1. The losses caused to your house due to the impact of an aircraft, flying objects, by someone's domestic animals, due to road building, or rail vehicles are covered under the home insurance cover.
  2. When you employ a professional removal contractor or professional movers while moving into your new house, you can cover the damages caused to items moved by the removal professionals under the home insurance. Some insurances also cover fragile items like glass and China.
  3. Fallen or lost satellite dishes, security cameras, and aerials can be recovered from the damage due to natural circumstances like storms or serious winds are also covered under the home insurance cover.
  4. One of the most crucial and unanticipated damages caused to your house can be due to vandalism, external riots, union strikes or due to civil unrest. Home insurances cover the losses or damage caused to your house due to any of the cases mentioned above.
  5. Home insurances also cover loss due to public repairs. Any damage or loss to your landscape, service pipes, cables, underground tanks, or any other loss to things that are in your property, which serves your home is covered under the insurance covers.


Home insurance covers, despite being so beneficial, the latest data from the ‘Association of British Insurers' reveals that only one out of five households have an insurance cover. Although having an insurance cover is a personal choice, but it is beneficial to claim for these losses or damages that may happen to your house in unanticipated or unforeseen circumstances!


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