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Overseas Property

If you are considering investing in a ski property, a few famous destinations automatically spring to mind. As an example, the famous European resorts of Chamonix and Val d'Isere are hugely popular destinations and there is no shortage of buyers ready and willing to invest in a second (or often third) home there. Due to the popularity of these famous resorts, finding a bargain anywhere near the slopes is nigh on impossible, particularly when investing from abroad. This is also true when looking to invest in property in Andorra. The ski property market is not usually for the faint-hearted or for those lacking in disposable income. A large number of British investors in ski homes, for example, are city bankers with large bonuses to invest and a passion for the slopes.

The selection of Spain properties with appeal for skiers is limited to those in the mountains of the north. The property market in Spain is - along with that of Great Britain - one of the most expensive in Europe although prices vary greatly from region to region.

Canny investors are looking at slopes on more distant mountains for great skiing conditions. While North American and Canadian resorts offer arguably the best skiing conditions for much of the year, you are highly unlikely to find fresh, unspoilt slopes in any of those places. Ski property in Slovakia and Estonia properties by the slopes, on the other hand, offer unrivalled access to undisturbed snow perfect for die-hard skiing enthusiasts. While the apres-ski on offer in Eastern Europe is not as vibrant as in Western Europe or North America, the quality and originality of the runs more than makes up for this. When it comes to property investment, the Eastern European resorts win hands-down as they offer considerably better value than their rivals.

Of course, not everyone wants to invest their excess cash in ski property. Many people prefer the option of having a second home somewhere considerably sunnier, where required clothing comes to little more than a swimming costume and sufficient sunblock. Property in Gibraltar, for example, or property in Portugal offer great weather for much of the year while being less than 3 hours from London by air. Bear in mind it can often take more time than this to get from central London to Birmingham by train!

The strong Pound and high British property prices make now the perfect time to invest in a new home abroad.

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